Catching up with the kids


While visiting the country for my uncle’s funeral, I made the time to go and meet with the children that Channel of Charity is supporting. I made them aware that I will see them before I returned to the US. Some of the kids were there early, waiting for me to come. When I arrived they gave me a warm welcome and we all hugged. It was such a nice feeling that they were all excited to see me. Little did they know, I was the one that was truly excited.

Everyone looked good and grown. Most of them are now in their 3rd year of high school.

I met with some of the parents who took the time to meet with me. Some of the scholars were unable to make it as they have quite a distance to go.

I took them, once again, to a restaurant and we got comfortable with one another. I gave them my camera so they could all take pictures of themselves. I eventually posted these pictures on their wall on facebook. Some of them had added me as a friend, so we now have open communication. The children wrote their names on envelopes I had made for them for their school dues. Their classes started in early June. I redistributed the envelopes after we ate dinner.

John Mark, one of the youngest scholars in the group, did not make it due to his brother’s death. After our dinner, we all went to pay respects to the family and brought food. He was very quiet at first; I think he was surprised I came to see him.

I’m hoping that people here in America would be willing to bring them here or give these kids a chance to have a better life. Even for a single school year.

We will continue to raise funds for all of them so they can all finish their schooling. I would like them to remember that the group has made a difference in their lives.

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